The $300 million school bond passed in November 2020 begins the process of updating Guilford County schools. The Facilities Master Plan calls for an investment of more than $2 billion to be spent across the county to create schools that are Safe, Modern, Accessible, Renovated and Tech-Ready. These S.M.A.R.T schools will be equipped to meet the needs of students and teachers not just today, but for the next 50 to 100 years.



The majority of Guilford County Schools do not have acceptable safety or security measures such as interior and exterior cameras, digital locks, campus-wide intercoms or operable systems with first responders. The Facilities Master Plan calls for all schools to be upgraded with the latest security systems for the safety of students and teachers.



The Facilities Master Plan addresses the needs to make all schools more efficient and more compatible with today’s approach to learning. More than 20 schools in the worst condition will be torn down and rebuilt on existing sites. Additionally, the plan identifies the needs for 10 new or expanded schools. Buildings across the district will also be made more energy efficient, making them more cost effective to operate.



The Facilities Master Plan ensures that specialty programs such as STEM, Arts and Early/Middle College options are accessible to children at all income levels and demographics. The plan will also address overcrowded schools in some of the county’s highest growth areas.



Under the Facilities Master Plan, 15 schools will be upgraded, modernized and expanded to accommodate growing and changing student populations. All schools will receive priority repairs to address current and future needs.



The majority of our schools are not equipped with the technology needed for today’s learning. They need sufficient bandwidth and wireless connections for every student, along with new equipment and other technology needs. The bonds will help provide new devices for students and teachers, as well as the infrastructure needed to support them.